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Homes for Rent in Forney, TX

Few cities in Texas can compare to the smalltown charm and family-friendly atmosphere for Forney, nicknamed as the state’s “Antique Capital.” And while the city does have plenty of vintage finds to discover, it’s also brimming with new opportunities for modern real estate development and the expansion of available homes for rent in Forney, TX.

This friendly community within the Dallas metro area has more than doubled in size since 2010, proving that there are many people who are ready to get back to a quieter way of life. But with Downtown Dallas just 20 miles away, all of the amenities of a busy metropolis are always nearby. Forney homes – particularly single-family homes for rent in Forney, TX – never spend long on the market.

Wan Bridge’s signature build-to-rent community development approach provides locals with outstanding rental options designed for the lifestyles they want and the features they need.

Forney Rental Home Communities

Building Homes for Rent in Forney, TX

There’s no doubting the significant demand for houses and homes for rent in Forney, TX. Our Brooklyn Village community is composed of more than 180 single-family houses, all specifically constructed for the rental market. Sophisticated, stylish, and featuring all the modern amenities tenants need, the Brooklyn Village houses in Forney offer something completely unique.

Residential Property Management in Forney

One of the most distinctive characteristics of any Wan Bridge community is our professional property management. Every one of our communities, including our Forney homes for rent, is managed by our very own dedicated property management team. From the “big picture” of community maintenance to everyday chores like yard work and light bulb replacement, Wan Bridge is there to take care of it all.

Forney Rental Home Facts

The rental market in Forney is not yet keeping pace with population growth and demand, Wan Bridge homes open excellent rental opportunities for new residents moving to the city. Currently, real estate rental data for the city shows:

  • Rent prices for a single-family rental home in Forney are $1.650-2,500.
    • Rent prices provided are for single-family Houston homes for rent ranging from 1,400 square feet to 2,400 square feet. Updated as of August 2021.
  • Rent for an apartment in Houston is $1,000-2,200.
    • Rent prices provided are for a one-bedroom apartment and a two-bedroom apartment, respectively. Updated as of August 2021.
  • As of August 2021, there were approximately 70 active listings for homes for rent in Houston, TX.

As one of the many Texas cities achieving steady growth, Forney offers a wealth of development and rental home opportunities.

Forney Single-Family Rental Homes

Wan Bridge has completed (and currently manages) a single-family rental community in Forney. Brooklyn Village features several homes for rent in Forney, TX, providing homes of up to 1,915 square feet situated on spacious green lots. Wan Bridge is one of the largest and most successful developers and operators of single-family rental communities in Texas. To find your new rental home, get connected with us today.

Find Homes For Rent in Forney, TX

Wan Bridge build-to-rent communities are dedicated to filling a unique need within the modern-day housing market. We offer luxurious, functional, energy-efficient Forney homes for rent in single-family communities that offer desirable amenities for hassle-free living.

To learn more about Forney rental home communities and SFR rental homes in other Texas cities, contact Wan Bridge today.

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