Houses for Rent in Rosharon, TX

Rosharon offers its residents small-town charm and a close-knit sense of community while also putting them within easy reach of big-city amenities. The bustling city is just 45 minutes to the north, close enough for a workday commute but far enough to preserve the peaceful atmosphere in Rosharon. View Wan Bridge rental communities below to find houses for rent in Rosharon, TX.

Rosharon Rental Communities

The Oaks at Suncreek Estates

Pradera Oaks

Building Houses for Rent in Rosharon, TX

Wan Bridge recently developed a community of new homes in Rosharon, TX, built exclusively for rent. Homes at The Oaks at Suncreek Estates boast ample space, modern amenities, open floor plans, and so much more. Residents enjoy all of the everyday luxuries of living in a newly-constructed single-family home, free from the pressures of homeownership.

Residential Property Management in Rosharon

Invest in Rosharon real estate without worrying about property management: Wan Bridge manages more than $600 million in assets and provides full-service property management services to deliver a hassle-free experience for our residents and partners alike.

Rosharon Real Estate Facts

Properties for rent in Rosharon range from apartments to single-family homes.
Current real estate data paints a clear picture of the wealth of opportunity available to investors and developers:

  • The average rent for a single-family rental home in Rosharon is $1,700-2,600.
    • Rent prices provided are for single-family homes ranging from 1,500 square feet to 2,400 square feet. Updated as of August 2021.
  • The average rent for an apartment in Rosharon is $1,200-1,600.
    • Rent prices provided are for a one-bedroom apartment and a two-bedroom apartment, respectively. Updated as of August 2021.
  • As of August 2021, there were less than 10 active listings for homes for rent in Rosharon, TX.

As a growing number of young professionals, retirees, and families alike seek out the familiarity and comfort of small-town living, Rosharon is likely to continue to grow. And yet, with so few properties for rent, demand will be exceptionally high. For developers, especially those in the build-to-rent niche, there is excellent potential for success.

Rosharon SFR Real Estate Development

Wan Bridge has completed (and currently manages) an SFR development in Rosharon. The Oaks at Suncreek Estates features 48 homes for rent in Rosharon, TX, providing homes of up to 2,700 square feet situated on spacious green lots. Our full portfolio includes more than 1,500 properties at present, and we are constantly pursuing new development opportunities. Wan Bridge is one of the largest and most successful developers and operators of single-family rental communities in Texas, get connected with us today.

Building Wealth Through Rental Properties

Wan Bridge is dedicated to filling a unique need within the modern-day housing market. We have achieved outstanding profits by developing stylish build-to-rent communities in high-demand cities while simultaneously supporting growing communities throughout our state.

To learn more about Rosharon rental home communities and SFR rental homes in other Texas cities, contact Wan Bridge today.