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Cost of Living in Forney, TX

The thriving community of Forney frequently appears on lists of the best places to live in Texas and has earned a reputation as a favorite Dallas-area suburb for young professionals, retirees, and families with children alike. 

In fact, its ZIP code (75126) was named one of the top ZIP codes in the United States, and it was also ranked as the second-best U.S. “Suburb to Move to” in 2021. With everything it offers, Forney has attracted a steady stream of new residents – and yet, the cost of living in this area is far more affordable than you might expect.

If you’re considering a move to Forney, cost of living information can be a handy tool for planning your budget, searching for homes, and so on. In this guide, we’ve created a useful reference to help you better understand how much it costs to live in Forney – and why you might just want to move this Texas town to the top of your list.

What is the average cost of living in Forney, TX?

So, how much does it cost to live in Forney – and how does this Texas community compare to other areas across the U.S.? When you add up all of the everyday essentials, Forney’s cost of living is just slightly higher than the U.S. average. 

Looking at the numbers, the cost of living in Forney is about 7% higher than the national average. That being said, there are specific areas in which living in Forney is actually less expensive. Therefore, many residents find that costs end up evening out.

Now, if you’re moving to Forney from a large city such as San Francisco or New York City, you’ll likely find that your regular expenses are dramatically lower than what you’re used to. Forney is also somewhat more affordable than some of its closest neighboring communities, such as Heath, Talty, or even Plano, TX.

When a city’s cost of living is calculated, several factors are taken into account, including expenses such as:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Goods and services
  • Taxes

So, your actual cost of living in Forney could vary significantly based on your lifestyle, preferences, and/or priorities. Let’s take a closer look at specific costs, so you can get a clearer idea of what your budget might look like.

Housing costs

In Forney, housing costs are slightly higher than national averages; however, they are less than what you would pay in much of the Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington Metro area. The median home price in Forney is about $387,000 (with some cost of living data estimating to be closer to $420,000), which translates to approximately $179 per square foot. As Forney becomes a more popular place to live, you can expect home purchase prices to continue to rise.

The average rent in Forney, TX, ranges between $1,750 and $2,100 for a one to two-bedroom apartment. Overall, that’s on par with averages in Texas and the U.S. and actually lower than many other areas in Dallas. Single-family homes for rent in Forney can start around $2,000/month and go well about the $3,500 mark. 

If you’re looking for Forney houses for rent, it’s helpful to consider extra maintenance costs when planning your budget. For example, the majority of single-family properties are landlord-owned, which means that you will likely be responsible for certain aspects of maintenance. In contrast, Wan Bridge communities offer single-family homes with absolutely no maintenance required – our professional property management team even tackles basic chores like replacing the light bulbs and air filters. So, your rental costs can end up being a much better value (not to mention the convenience!).

Food costs

Groceries and food prices in Forney are slightly less expensive than the national average, so you’ll be able to stock up on all your staples without going over budget. You can expect to spend about 3% less on your grocery bill here.

When you feel like dining out, costs will vary depending on where you’re going. Ordering a large pizza for a night in vs. enjoying a meal at one of the best restaurants in Forney will come with a very different final bill; however, the expense is equal to Texas and U.S. averages overall.

Utility costs

Your utility bills in Forney will be about average, though your expenses are completely based on your personal lifestyle. It’s not unusual for summer temperatures to climb above 90 degrees, so you’ll want to budget for higher energy costs – you’ll definitely be using your A/C. But winters are mild, so your bills will likely be lower then.

Transportation costs

Transportation expenses like gas prices and public transit fares are typically lower than the national average, which is particularly good news if you’re planning to commute into the Dallas metro area regularly. 

Most people in Forney (and in Texas) rely on personal vehicles for everyday transportation, but there are plenty of public transit options as well. Forney is part of the STAR public bus service, an award-winning transit system that serves a number of the surrounding counties.

Healthcare costs

Like much of Texas, Forney’s healthcare costs are somewhat higher than the national average. Keep in mind that healthcare expenses fluctuate significantly from person to person, so it is difficult to reference any “average” cost. Regardless of whether you only need the minimum level of preventative care or have highly specialized health needs, the close proximity to Dallas puts you within a short drive of some of the best providers in the nation.

Goods and services costs

Goods and services, such as personal care, pet care, fitness, and so on, are nearly 10% cheaper in Forney than in the U.S. average. This category encompasses everything from your monthly haircut to your favorite yoga class, and the associated expenses can easily be tailored based on your needs.


There’s no state income tax in Texas, so you can look forward to more take-home pay when you’re living in Forney. Sales tax in Forney totals 8.25%, which is right in line with other Texas cities. There are also a few tax-free holidays throughout the year, during which you can score big savings.

How much do I need to earn to live in Forney, TX?

Living wage (the amount you need to live comfortably) in Forney is $17.82/hour or $37,075/year for a single adult. With the median income hovering just over $93,000/year, it is certainly more than possible to enjoy a high quality of life as a resident of Forney.

Living in Forney, TX

Forney is less than a half-hour from the bright lights of Dallas, but residents enjoy a quiet, peaceful lifestyle in a distinctly rural setting. Known as the state’s “Antique Capital,” Forney offers a delightful balance of old-fashioned charm and modern amenities. And for those that live in Wan Bridge’s Brooklyn Village community, Forney can truly be the hometown you’ve always dreamed of.

Here, you’ll get all of the open space and scenic surroundings that the area is known for, but with a decidedly contemporary twist. Our build-to-rent community single-family homes for rent in Forney are outfitted with all of the designer-inspired touches you could want, with large, open floor plans that provide ample flexibility for your lifestyle. Sip your morning coffee while relaxing on your front porch, enjoy a home tailored to suit your needs, and make the short drive to Dallas for a night out or a quick weekend away – in our Brooklyn Village neighborhood, everything you want is well within reach.

Please contact the Wan Bridge team today for more information about our Forney rentals, including currently available properties/floor plans.