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Living in Townhouse vs Single Family Home

living in a townhouse vs single family home

For anyone searching for a new home, there are more than a few questions to consider in the process. Factors such as location and budget are often the factors people think of first, but the style and type of housing are equally important, such as living in a townhouse vs single family home.

Although there are so many different types of housing available, two of the most popular are townhouses and single-family homes. Each one comes with its own unique advantages, and you may find that a certain style is far better suited to your ideal lifestyle. Even for investors looking for their next financial move, there are both pros and cons to consider when discussing a townhouse vs. single-family home.

Townhouse vs. Single Family: What’s the Difference?

Both townhouses and single-family homes come in all sizes, floorplans, and design styles. The main difference between townhouse and single-family home styles is where they are in proximity to neighboring homes:

Single Family Homes

A single-family home stands independently on a property and is the singular primary structure on a piece of land. There are many different architectural styles for single-family homes, including ranch, craftsman, colonial, and Victorian, but all are fully detached, standalone structures.


A townhouse shares one or more walls with a neighboring townhouse. The number of townhouses in a series can vary, from just two connected homes to a long row of multiple residences.

Townhouse vs. Single Family Home: What’s Right for Me?

Both townhomes and single-family houses can offer great advantages, especially for individuals who are considering renting rather than buying. Ultimately, it comes down to weighing your personal preferences and priorities.

Townhouse vs. House: Location

One of the key differences between single-family homes and townhouses is where they tend to be located. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it can be helpful to keep in mind.

It’s common for townhouses to be situated in larger cities and urban areas, and they may even be a part of a pedestrian-friendly part of town. Single-family homes may be tucked away in the quiet suburbs of a busy city, or even in more rural regions or small towns.

  • For example, our Regent Square Brownstones are townhouses in Kingwood, TX for rent in the Houston metro area and are within walking distance of many shops and restaurants in the area.
  • Our Kingwood single-family homes for rent, the Villas at King Harbor are a peaceful retreat from families that want some distance from the hustle and bustle of the Houston metro area – but they’re still close enough to allow for an easy commute.

Townhouse vs. House: For Active Lifestyles

If you are constantly on the go, a townhouse may be a more convenient option for a few different reasons. First, a central location can put you within easy reach of entertainment, dining, and even regional airports for travel. Also, being directly next door to a neighbor can give you the peace of mind of having someone to keep an eye on your home.

That being said, single-family homes in master-planned communities can often offer equally-desirable conditions for people that enjoy active lifestyles. Many luxury, master-planned communities boast a multitude of amenities within their boundaries, including walking trails, parks, swimming pools, and more. And as you build connections with your neighbors, you can enjoy the same sense of security you would in a townhouse.

If being able to maintain an active lifestyle is important to you, you may want to consider a master-planned community with a central location to have the best of both worlds.

Find Your Perfect Match from Wan Bridge

Wan Bridge develops, builds, and manages a variety of luxury rental home communities in Texas, featuring a mix of both townhouses and single-family homes. And because we always want prospective residents and investors to feel confident in choosing the option that’s right for them, we make it a priority to be transparent about the pros and cons of different housing styles. And whether you want a townhouse or a single-family home, there’s a Wan Bridge build-to-rent community to suit you.

For more information about our Texas single-family homes and townhouses for rent, connect with the Wan Bridge team today!

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