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What is a Master Planned Community?

We often hear older generations talk about “the good old days,” when people knew their neighbors and considered themselves a part of a close-knit community. From kids riding their bikes down tree-lined sidewalks to neighboring families picnicking together at a community park, most of us can envision what these friendly, charming neighborhoods must have looked like. This is where a master planned community comes in.

what is a master planned community

And yet, those communities still exist today – especially here, in Texas. In a state known for its Southern-style hospitality, as well as its independent spirit, residents of all ages and lifestyles are choosing to make a move to master-planned communities. 

Living in a master-planned community can offer the best of both worlds: the flexibility to create a life that suits your individual preferences, as well as all of the benefits of being a part of a community. There’s also a multitude of benefits to living in a master-planned community, all of which contribute to an exceptional quality of life.

What is a Master Planned Community?

Exactly what is a master-planned community? In simplest terms, a master-planned community (MPC) is a large-scale residential neighborhood that has been specifically planned and designed to provide a myriad of amenities for its residents. All of these amenities, such as parks, swimming pools, fitness centers, and even stores and restaurants, are typically contained within the community itself. 

A MPC is different from a standard subdivision or neighborhood in two important ways:

  1. There is usually a diverse range of home styles, sizes, and price ranges within the community.
  2. The number and quality of amenities (exclusively for use by residents) are generally far greater than what you would find in a typical neighborhood.


Master-Planned Communities Defined

A master-planned community is a large residential neighborhood shaped by a clear vision of the full-fledged lifestyle its residents can enjoy. Developers consider a wide variety of details, including amenities, resident activities, landscaping, and even the placement of homes, to contribute to the community lifestyle. The idea is that residents will be able to make the most of their daily lives without a need to leave their community as often: they can live, work, play, learn, gather, and more, and never have to venture far.

Elements of a Planned Community (MPC)

In the seven years that Wan Bridge has been creating Texas master-planned communities, we’ve perfected our core community model based on a foundation of six must-have elements:

  • Safety and security
  • Highly-desirable amenities
  • Customized options and unparalleled home quality for residents
  • A convenient location
  • Professional neighborhood management
  • Qualities that ensure each community offers an excellent investment


Safety & Security

Did you know that master-planned communities can often be a safer place to live, especially when compared to other types of neighborhoods? For most prospective residents, security is a top priority, and understandably so. From the moment you arrive in an MPC, you’ll realize that even its design adds to the sense of safety. 

Consider this: MPCs are typically far-removed from industrial or high-traffic commercial areas and often gated (and sometimes equipped with a security patrol). Not only does this setup reduce noise and traffic, but it can also cut down on crime. 

Community Amenities

Imagine having a private community pool, several playgrounds, beautifully landscaped parks, walking trails, and countless other amenities, all walking distance from your home – that’s exactly what you can look forward to in an MPC. 

Wan Bridge’s master-planned communities of rental homes in Texas offer a multitude of amenities, such as:

  • Scenic walking trails
  • Dog parks
  • Family-friend playgrounds and parks
  • Community lakes and water features
  • Beach/bay access (for waterfront communities)
  • Boat rentals
  • Complimentary exterior landscape maintenance


Not only do these amenities give you a place to spend time with your partner and/or family, but they also set the stage for building relationships with your neighbors. Children can make new friends while exploring the neighborhood playground, you can meet a new jogging buddy while out on your morning run, and entire families can establish lifelong friendships.

Customized Options

Today’s modern master-planned communities don’t look or feel like the stereotypical suburban neighborhoods you might think of, filled with houses that look nearly identical to each other. Instead, MPCs now incorporate an impressive variety of home sizes, styles, and even price points, so there are options to suit various tastes and needs. You may even have the option to add custom touches, as well as enjoy luxury upgrades such as granite countertops, high-end appliances, and stylish design elements.  

Location Convenience 

Oftentimes, an MPC resembles a “mini-town” of sorts, complete with many everyday necessities. Excellent schools may be located directly in the community or very close by. Similarly, grocery stores, coffee shops, and other daily basics are frequently situated in the immediate area.

And even though MPCs aim to offer a variety of amenities in a self-contained environment, that doesn’t mean you’ll never want to go beyond the community boundaries. When you do, you’ll want to be in close proximity to great shops, restaurants, and local things to do. MPCs put you close enough to the highlights of a city while still serving as a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of it all.

Quality Management & Neighborhoods

MPCs are usually professionally managed, with an entire team of professionals charged with keeping the community looking its very best. This means that a property management company will arrange landscape maintenance, care for amenities, and other tasks. 

For example, all Wan Bridge communities feature an on-site maintenance team that manages all of the tasks usually passed along to homeowners. Let us take care of chores like maintaining the landscaping in your front and back yards, changing lightbulbs, and switching out the air filters. You’ll have more time to enjoy life without worrying about a long list of to-dos. 

Are Master Planned Communities Good Investments?

A new home is one of the biggest decisions – and investments – you’ll ever make. So, it’s understandable that you want to be confident that you’re making a smart choice. In a master-planned community, you can have a certain peace of mind in knowing that you’re residing in a neighborhood that will be in demand for years to come. 

There are many things that set Wan Bridge apart from other Texas developers, but perhaps one of the most notable is our innovative build-to-rent (BTR) community model. We create master-planned communities of single-family homes specifically designed to serve the unique needs of tenants and meet investor expectations while still delivering a luxury living experience. 

Beginning several years ago, we observed a significant shift in the housing market: more and more people wanted the convenience of renting but didn’t want to sacrifice the benefits of living in a single-family home. But because the Texas rental market can be highly temperamental, many would-be tenants were settling for homes that simply didn’t measure up to their standards.

Wan Bridge began developing BTR communities featuring upscale home designs, excellent amenities, and more in response to this increasing demand for rental properties in Texas. Tenants are able to make a smart investment in their quality of life by becoming residents of beautifully planned communities, without taking on the challenges of homeownership.

The Wan Bridge Difference: A New Kind of Master-Planned Community

While our build-to-rent community model certainly distinguishes Wan Bridge from many other home builders in Texas, our drive to be a different kind of developer goes much further than that. 

At the heart of our company philosophy is the belief that luxury living and renting can – and should – go hand in hand. For so many tenants, renting a home means settling for a property that’s just “good enough.” And all too often, renters end up dealing with many of the drawbacks of homeownership they were aiming to avoid: coordinating landscaping, keeping up with home maintenance, and more. With the large majority of Texas rentals owned by private landlords, the choices for would-be renters have traditionally been limited. 

But now, from Galveston to Pearland and from Houston to Forney, TX, Wan Bridge has built master-planned rental communities that truly check all the boxes: unmatched quality, luxury amenities, and top-rated property management services. For the resident that expects more from their built-to-rent home, Wan Bridge is raising the bar in every way.

Learn about Master-Planned Communities in Texas by Wan Bridge

When you make a move to a master-planned BTR community by Wan Bridge, you aren’t just getting a new home – you’re gaining a complete lifestyle with all of the amenities you could want and need. And even better, you’ll enjoy the ease of renting with the luxuries of a single-family home and thoughtfully designed community.

Wan Bridge is your trusted home developer with more than a dozen Texas rental communities (and many more to come). For more details about how to find a master-planned community to suit your preferences, contact us today!

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