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Top Factors to Consider When Moving

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Are you preparing to relocate to a new home? Whether it’s a job opportunity that’s spurring the change, a desire to be closer to family or friends, or simply an interest in living somewhere new, deciding where to move is one of the most important choices you’ll ever make. Keep reading to learn about some of the top factors to consider when moving.

But rather than picking the first place that comes to mind – or even the property that happens to show up at the top of the search results – there’s a better way to go about making an informed and confident decision. 

First, start with housing costs vs. needs.

Before most people start thinking about the various factors to consider when moving, they begin by asking a vital question: how do I balance my housing budget and my needs/wants?

Some things to think about as you determine your ideal housing cost include:

  • Cost of living in your desired location(s)
  • Housing market
  • Expected income vs. expenses
  • Non-negotiables (in other words, what do you have to have in a home?)

You may find that some of the potential locations you’re considering don’t align with your preferred budget. Or, maybe you can technically afford to live in a certain city, but the housing market and cost of living don’t allow for the lifestyle or property quality you want. 

Weighing the cost of living in a location vs. your needs – and also, your wants – is essential to making a moving decision you’ll be happy with.

Then, go through the key factors to consider when moving.

Once you’ve thought through your needs, wants, and the associated costs, you can move on to the next part of the process: working through the various factors to think about when choosing a new place to live.

Size of the city and transportation

Do you prefer a cozy, small-town way of life in a community where you can walk or bike just about anywhere? Or, do you like the excitement of big-city living and don’t mind driving or taking public transportation? 

Different city sizes have their own pros and cons, so it comes down to deciding what’s right for you. Because the size of a city is often directly related to the available transportation options, it’s useful to consider both in tandem.

For example, residents of our Pradera Oaks neighborhood are a part of a very small Texas village called Bonney in Rosharon, TX. Homes for rent in this community are often chosen by individuals who want a peaceful retreat in a quiet neighborhood and appreciate being within a short drive to the large metropolis of Houston. 

Type of housing 

Next up is the type of housing you want: do you picture yourself in a spacious, single-family home, a contemporary townhome, or a charming, brownstone-inspired property?

There are many different housing styles to choose from, especially if you’re planning to rent. Wan Bridge has Texas rental communities with large single-family homes, casual Galveston beach cottages, and even chic brownstones bordering tree-lined streets. Each property style is unique, and one may stand out to you more than others. 

Job prospects in the area

Many people decide to relocate after receiving a new job offer, but others choose a new city and then start the job search. If you’re planning to look for jobs after relocating, check the city’s job market pulse first. You may want to consider how certain locations are a better fit for your specific industry, as well as the long-term sustainability of your career in a specific city.

For example, there are many Pearland, TX jobs at the area’s healthcare facilities and medical companies and various opportunities at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. So, if you’re interested in those professional fields, moving to Pearland could be a good choice. 

Important health, safety, and lifestyle factors 

Of course, you can’t be all work and no play, so you’ll want to see if a city is the right fit for your lifestyle. What is it actually like to live in that city – consider, what kinds of restaurants, shops, entertainment, and outdoor attractions are there? Does it have a strong educational foundation? What is the traffic like on a daily basis? How high or low is the crime rate? All of these factors affect your quality of life.

Families with children might be focused on finding a community with plenty of playgrounds, public parks, and kid-friendly attractions, while young professionals might look for trendy restaurants, entertainment, and nightlife. Retirees could prioritize moving to neighborhoods near golf courses or community centers, and families with teens might research an area’s post-secondary education options.

Amenities of rental properties

Finally, tenants-to-be won’t want to forget to assess the amenities of a rental property, as well as the community it’s located in before moving. Whereas a basic, landlord-owned home might have few benefits, a built-to-rent house in a master-planned community can come with a long list of resident amenities. 

For example, several Wan Bridge BTR communities include residents-only swimming pools, playgrounds, and parks, as well as walking trails.

Even the properties themselves can vary dramatically. In order to maximize the convenience of renting, it’s ideal to look for a property that is professionally managed and requires little to no maintenance on your end.

Find Your Future Home in a Wan Bridge Community

Are you considering where to move but want a location and home that can truly check all the boxes? No matter what your priorities may be, Wan Bridge has built-to-rent communities that you’ll be happy to call home.

We combine the best of both worlds regarding property types and amenities: the convenience and flexibility of renting, along with the luxury design and ample space you’d usually expect from buying a home. With more than a dozen communities of homes for rent in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Wan Bridge has become one of the most trusted names in Texas real estate.

Make this move your best one yet: contact Wan Bridge today to discover the dream home you’ve always wanted!

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