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What Does SFR Mean In Real Estate?

what does sfr mean in real estate
Wan Bridge SFR Homes for Lease

What Does SFR Mean In Real Estate?

Are you tired of the apartment, or multi-family residential experience? Are you looking to begin investing in real estate? At Wan Bridge, it is one of our goals to ensure future tenants are equipped with the best information possible to make the best of their time in one of our build-to-rent home communities in Dallas and Houston.

Single family rentals (SFR) are a great place to start for someone who is looking for a different living situation or even as an investment. A single family rental (SFR) is a property intended for at least one, but possibly more, family units that may also include private amenities, like a private fitness center or lagoon. For example, see our Clearwater at Balmoral community which includes access to the nation’s largest Caribbean style lagoon!

Unlike multifamily real estate, an SFR is not usually attached to the living space of another family unit.

Whether looking to rent or invest, the Wan Bridge team wants to get informed about the great options that exist with SFR type real estate. You can even share this information with your friends to learn about potential income or living situation improvements as well.

Benefits of Single-Family Rentals

By choosing an SFR, Wan Bridge can help you avoid the challenges associated with dense living, such as noise, or close-proximity living. The distance from your neighbors can be a blessing, not to mention the importance of your privacy. The team at Wan Bridge understands the importance of time and in respect of yours, we want to give you as many chances to have more time as possible.

Another beneficial aspect of the SFR option is the suburban experience, without the suburban cost. You also have access to a wealth of amenities provided by the community, such as access to trails, dog parks, and even possibly pools. Check out our Bay Colony West rental community.

As a renter, you have access to affordable living without the headache or financial demands of attempting to buy a home. This can be a helpful step when looking for new single-family homes or if you’re looking for a new investment.

Investing in SFR

According to the United States Census Bureau, Texas statistics indicate that between 2015 and 2019 only 62% of housing is Owner-occupied.

This means that nearly 40% of the reported population is participating in housing that they don’t own. That is a big market for potential investment!

If you are debating on the possibility of owning rental property, Wan Bridge recommends you check out this informative article on owning rental properties. If you are interested in investment opportunities but are unsure of where to start, we suggest you look at this source for information on beginning to invest in real estate too.

The Build-to-Rent Option

If the home or investment you are looking for doesn’t appear to be available, there is another option a company like Wan Bridge has to offer.

A Build-to-Rent property, like the communities that Wan Bridge manages, is designed with SFR and helpful amenities in mind. This option allows the property to be built with the most desirable qualities in mind and includes the benefit of professionally managed amenities.

Wan Bridge’s rental homes using the Build-to-Rent model allows you to invest in an SFR without the hassle of ownership. You can see how building has influenced our design choices for Build-to-Rent Options.

Inform Your Friends

Whether investing or looking to rent a space for your own family, the Wan Bridge team would love to know more about what you are looking for and we are excited to discuss more about single-family rentals, new single-family homes, and communities.

We encourage you to share this information with your family and friends. They can also learn about the options and potential for single-family homes.

Please check the Wan Bridge blog for additional information on Build-to-Rent and SFR options, as well as residential real estate.


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