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Leasing a Home: Essential Checklist to Use in Your Decision Making

Are you interested in exploring the value and benefits of a new home to rent? The single-family rental (SFR) space is growing in popularity across the country and companies leading the charge like Wan Bridge are making it easier than ever to find information. There are things you need to consider to help you make an informed decision when leasing a home. Below the Wan Bridge team created a home checklist that should help you in your decision-making.

Leasing a Home Essential Checklist


When looking for homes for lease, one of the things that should be on top of your checklist is the average cost of the rental market and if you can afford to live in the new SFR community. Wan Bridge recommends a quick Google search for typical rates for “SFH for lease near me,” and it should give you an estimate as to how much it would cost you to live in that community. You can also get in touch with the Wan Bridge team — we have homes for lease in Bay Colony Pointe West, The Oaks at Suncreek Estates, Clearwater at Balmoral, Palm Bay Galveston, and other areas in Texas. 

Quality of the New Homes for Rent

While you can always check for photos online, it’s also best for you to do a site visit to get a feel of the community as well. How functional are the homes? Check whether they provide high-energy efficient appliances and windows — these can help you save more money on your utility. Are the homes also aesthetically pleasing? Keep in mind that you will be living in this home for at least a year. Wan Bridge homes all have state-of-the-art and modern appliances.


The only way for you to get a true sense of the community is by doing a site visit. Spend some time in the location and observe the community. You may also investigate how safe the community is. You can google for crime rates online or city profile reports to give you an idea about a certain community as well. Wan Bridge build-to-rent communities are always open and our management teams on-site would be happy to guide you.


Speak with the landlord and observe how they communicate with you. Are they patient and responsive? Do they provide you with any information that you need about the community? Ensure that the landlord is professional and polite. If possible, speak with the residents in the area and ask for their overall experience. 


Before signing a lease, ensure that you have fully read and understood what’s written in the agreement. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need clarifications about something. 


Check out the amenities when choosing homes for rent and ensure that they fit your lifestyle. If you love to work out, check if they have their own fitness gym or if there’s one nearby. Are there several restaurants or shops near the area? How close are the hospitals or schools? The locations of Wan Bridge communities were carefully selected to make sure they are in desirable areas. 


You also need to consider who your potential neighbors are. Consider speaking with the residents there and ask about their experience with the neighbors. 

Utility Costs

Apart from the rent, you’ll also be paying for your water, gas, electricity, HVAC, garbage, etc. Make sure that the lease clearly mentions which utilities are covered and which are not.

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