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How Amenities Improve the Renting Experience

Improving the Home Renting Experience with a Strong Amenity Offering 

Gone are the days when striving to “own” a home is the main priority of a young adult or small and growing family. Build-to-Rent companies like Wan Bridge have had the foresight to create a new type of housing to give everyone a new option for their unique living situation and with housing, availability declining and occupancy rising, more families are looking for new homes for rent instead of just for purchase.

One of the many benefits of renting in a single-family home build-to-rent community is the included amenities, which makes the resident experience more attractive.

Depending on the location of a single-family rental (SFR) community, various amenities may be offered. Take Wan Bridge for instance. A WB community could have lush dog parks and walking trails, gyms, and even a swimming lagoon. It all depends on what a resident’s priorities are when it comes to amenities. Sometimes, the right amenities can make the difference between a house feeling like a temporary rental or a true family home.

But do amenities really change a renter’s experience? And what amenities are most important for a resident’s quality of life? Keep reading for a rundown of the most popular home rental amenities that Wan Bridge offers and why they matter.

Why Amenities Matter

Amenities help define the community. For instance, take a pool and a barbecue area. This creates a natural area for socialization and for kids to play. A secured parking garage and designated guest parking helps families to feel safe and still stay connected to their friends.

Ultimately, these home rental amenities are offered to make the residents’ lives easier which is a prime goal of Wan Bridge. One less thing to worry about paying for in a separate bill, and it’s easily accessible every day is something that Wan Bridge wants to give all of it residents. A sense of peace and to give time back.

Especially for families who are tired of having a mortgage, or want to avoid one, finding new homes for rent can be a more attractive option. 

What Amenities Families Look For

There are countless amenities that a new Wan Bridge community could offer. Investing in the right ones is the key for a family to create an environment worth settling in. Take your time in researching every community you are interested in as the amenities will be a factor in your ultimate decision.

Fitness Center

Young families and couples love to stay active. It’s much easier to create an exercise habit when the gym is just a few minutes away. A kid-safe gym is an even bigger plus for the little ones who like to accompany mom or dad for their workout and you can find all sorts of fitness centers, big and small.

Outdoor Pool

In the hot summer months, especially in Texas, a pool can be very beneficial and provide fun for the whole family. A community pool is one of the most sought-after amenities for renters. Wan Bridge’s Clearwater at Balmoral homes, for example, offers access to the nation’s largest Caribbean lagoon, with water sports, cabanas, sandy beaches, and more! The Balmoral Crystal Clear Lagoon is a Caribbean vacation you can take all year long.

Dog Parks & Walking Trails

Built-to-rent communities like Wan Bridge’s Mirror Lake have an advantage when it comes to including amenities like dog parks and walking trails as there is plenty of dedicated space for active pups and easy access to paths throughout the neighborhood.

Outdoor Area

As mentioned above, an outdoor space for meeting neighbors and entertaining is key. It’s especially prioritized in warmer climates, like in Texas where Wan Bridge is headquartered where year-round outdoor living is common. Because of this, Wan Bridge dedicates many amenities (such as kids’ playgrounds) to outdoor fun!

In-Unit Laundry

When searching for “SFH for lease near me,” renters want to find a home that includes in-unit laundry. If you’re choosing to rent, you don’t want to have to go off-site to pay a laundromat to do laundry every week. A Wan Bridge home will always have in-unit laundry.

Find Homes for Rent

When searching for homes for rent, families will want to discover what amenities are most important to them. The Wan Bridge team encourages all prospective renters to spend time researching the amenities of a particular neighborhood in order to define what their renting lifestyle might look like once they move in.

If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of amenities in the home renting experience, or you want to start searching for your rental, head to our build-to-rent communities page to get started.