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Finding the Right Home Starts with Evaluating Your Local Community: Where Build-for-Rent Fits the Bill

Selecting a local community can feel like a daunting undertaking. However, when it comes to evaluating a new neighborhood, there are several key aspects a prospective homebuyer should have on their radar. Many build-to-rent (BTR), also known as build-for-rent (BFR), single-family home communities, such as Wan Bridge, provide all of those characteristics and more.

The most important aspect of a community is location 64 percent of homebuyers view the suburbs as the most desirable home location, according to a survey from the National Association of Home Builders. Living near places of employment as well as retail establishments and restaurants is also important. If they are within walking distance – even better. Wan Bridge’s BTR communities check both boxes, as they are typically within 30 minutes of major employment hubs like Dallas and Houston, making the daily commute for tenants easier. Having nearby shops and restaurants is also a key characteristic for the home builder.

Another aspect of location, especially for families, is the school district, as one survey found 91 percent of prospective homebuyers said school boundaries were important in their search. Wan Bridge aims to secure developments within strong school districts that will continue a positive upward trend. Wan Bridge also places their communities near outdoor activities, such as nature reserves with forests or lakes, as well as golf courses and sometimes even the beach.

The economic standing of a community is also something shoppers think about. The strength of the local job market and growing household incomes are usually clues that point towards the viability of a neighborhood. Wan Bridge builds in areas with high growth of employment, where the median household income is more than three times the rent of their properties.

Strong economic standing will directly impact a community’s home prices, and people searching for a new home should examine both the financial and personal costs of buying. For some, build-to-rent communities are the perfect alternative to buying, and that is where Wan Bridge steps in. They enter areas with high population growth that have a shortage of entry level homes, giving tenants the benefits of a great neighborhood in a much more economical fashion.

However, paying a lower price does not mean tenants must compromise on house quality or amenities. According to the survey from the National Association of Home Builders, homebuyers are looking for open-concept layouts with plenty of extra storage space to organize and declutter, as well as energy-saving features. Wan Bridge homes provide all of those aspects and more, including 10-foot-high ceilings, large kitchen islands and storage space, and enough bedrooms and bathrooms for the whole family. High-efficiency appliances and double-pane energy efficient windows are also staples of Wan Bridge homes.

Lastly, it is important not to overlook landscaping and outdoor space when perusing a desirable neighborhood. Wan Bridge’s communities offer bountiful outdoor spaces, including jogging trails, dog parks and play areas. Wan Bridge communities also offer residents a hassle-free lifestyle, as landscape and property maintenance are included within their monthly rental fee.

Ultimately, evaluating and selecting the right local community is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but should be the first step in finding your next home. Wan Bridge’s build-for-rent communities might be the best option for you. Contact us today.

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