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Cost of Living in Pearland, TX

cost of living in pearland tx

As one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in Greater Houston, Pearland has quickly become one of the most desirable places to live in Texas. If you’re considering relocating to the area, it can be helpful to get an accurate idea of the cost of living in Pearland, TX so that you are able to budget accordingly.

The community is home to a diverse and vibrant population, including young families, successful professionals, and retirees, many of whom are drawn by the close proximity to the Houston-Woodlands-Sugar Land Metropolitan area.

In this comprehensive guide, Wan Bridge breaks down the overall cost of living in Pearland and what you can expect to pay for basics like housing, food, utilities, and healthcare.

What is the average cost of living in Pearland, TX?

As a city that boasts more than its fair share of amenities, a flourishing economy, and a thriving sense of community, Pearland might seem like it would be an expensive place to live.

However, you may be surprised to learn that the cost of living in Pearland is often calculated to be less than the national average. In other words, your budget could go farther in this area than in many comparably-sized U.S. cities. Other sources place the cost of living index just above the national average, but only by a nominal amount. For anyone moving to Pearland from a major metropolis, such as New York City or San Francisco, this popular city will be remarkably affordable in comparison.

Calculating the cost of living data involves evaluating several different factors, including the average costs for:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Goods and services
  • Taxes


So, the cost of living in a given city can help decide how much you need to make to live there comfortably – and whether your expected average salary will provide you with the quality of life and lifestyle you want. Let’s take a closer look at how Pearland compares in terms of specific living expenses.

Housing costs

Understandably, prospective residents of Pearland nearly always want to know the answer to one of these two questions:

  • How much do houses cost in Pearland?
  • How much is the average rent in Pearland?


As you would expect, your housing expenses will largely depend on renting vs. buying, the type of property you are considering, specific neighborhood/location, etc. However, across the board, the average of housing costs in Pearland is equal to or lower than the U.S. average.

The median home price in Pearland is approximately $208,900, but some property prices soar well above the several million dollar mark. Although the market is relatively balanced right now, it has been trending upwards, with prices increasing fairly steadily.

For individuals searching for homes for rent in Pearland, the average figures are about equal to or slightly less than nationwide averages. Apartments in the area range from about $1,300 to $1,900 per month, varying by location and apartment size. Single-family houses for rent in the area have an even broader spectrum, costing anywhere from $815 to $10,000+ monthly. In general, Pearland’s rent prices tend to be somewhat lower than the average of the Greater Houston metropolitan area as a whole.

Food costs

So, how much do groceries cost in Pearland? And what about the cost of enjoying a meal at your favorite local restaurant or café?

Compared to the national average, Pearland’s food costs are virtually equal. When you look at the prices in Pearland vs. other Texas cities, some food items cost significantly less, while others cost a bit more.

On nights when you feel like ordering in or making a quick trip to a fast-food drive-thru, you’ll be happy to hear that your total will often come out to less than what you would spend in other cities in Texas.

Utility costs

Like many parts of Texas, Pearland has the benefit of affordable utilities. So, your monthly bills for electricity, water, and other necessities aren’t likely to strain your budget. On average, utilities cost about 5% less than the Texas average and about 6% less than the national threshold.

The average energy bill in the city amounts to $147, which is lower than some large Texas cities and significantly less than other U.S. metro areas. Of course, the average cost of utilities could be even lower if you choose to practice energy-efficient habits.

Transportation costs

Your transportation expenses completely depend on your personal lifestyle choices, with factors that can include:

  • What type of vehicle do you drive
  • How often do you require transportation
  • Whether you use public transit services


Some sources put the cost of transportation in Pearland at several percentage points above the nationwide average. However, others note that gas prices are often more affordable in Pearland than elsewhere.

Healthcare costs

There are several quality health care providers and facilities in the city, including preventative, specialist, and emergency care options. In terms of the cost of healthcare in Pearland, you can look forward to saving about 7.5% compared to the U.S. average.

If needed, you can also find non-profit providers, such as the SEVA Clinic.

Goods and services costs

Goods and services are a category that encompasses all of the “extra” daily expenses associated with everyday living, such as pet care, fitness, and personal care. So, this covers things like your monthly haircut, your dog’s annual vet visit, and your membership at the local yoga studio.

The cost of miscellaneous items in the area is difficult to estimate because it varies so much from person to person. However, most sources say it is equal to or just slightly more than U.S. averages.


One of the many benefits of living in Pearland – and Texas in general – is that you will not be paying state or local income tax. So, your monthly take-home pay will be higher here than in other states.

Pearland’s sales tax is 8.25%, which is the same as many other cities throughout the state.

Another unique perk of being a Texas resident is the option to shop tax-free on tax “holidays,” which are typically set for three weekends each year. These weekends are the perfect time to save big on major purchases, such as electronics, appliances, and vehicles.

How much do I need to earn to live in Pearland, TX?

The living wage (the amount you need to support yourself and your family, if applicable successfully) in the Pearland area is estimated to be about $16.25 per hour or $35,250 annual average salary (pre-tax) for a single adult. Pearland’s individual median income is about $56,500 per year, so the earning potential is absolutely there.

Living in Pearland

With a plethora of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues within easy reach, as well as a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere, Pearland is a fantastic Texas city to call home.

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