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Ting Qiao wan bridge ceo and co-founder

Ting Qiao

CEO & Co-Founder
Wan Bridge

Ting Qiao is the President and CEO of Wan Bridge. Through his leadership, he has played a key role in transforming the face of real estate across the state of Texas, disrupting residential community development.

As a visionary leader, Ting has broad experience in the development, management and marketing of luxury high-rise condominiums and mixed-use projects. He has led multiple five-star projects internationally and invested Class-A multi-family projects in Texas. His most noteworthy landmark project was the first “green” high-rise mix-use buildings in China. Over the course of his career, Ting has developed 9.75 million square feet of real estate, 8.4 million of that in residential projects, totaling to more than $4.2 billion in real estate asset value.

Ting believes in the idea of following your heart to find your way, as he strives to create a new and better life for those seeking it – both through Wan Bridge communities and the team culture. Recently, Ting has been recognized for his leadership and innovation as an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and several Houston Business Journal awards, including 2021 Landmark Awards in both the residential and multifamily categories, 2021 Innovation Awards, and Best Places to Work.

When he has time away from the office, Ting enjoys spending it with his wife, son and daughter. He is also actively involved in the Texas Future Foundation, a 501c3 to ensure the education of future generations and help local communities where the company has a presence.