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Derek Hughes- VP of Construction Operations

Derrick Hughes

Vice President of Construction Operations

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Derrick Hughes believes that if you work hard and treat people with kindness, everyone can be successful. In his role at Wan Bridge, he strategically leads the construction operation teams in the Austin, Dallas, and Houston markets with an all-encompassing approach to the full life cycle management of each project. We believe that our vertically integrated business model allows us to be accountable and transparent within all departments to produce a better product.

Derrick has worked his way through many jobs in the industry, starting as a Builder and being named as the first Master Builder for a national firm in which he was later promoted to Area Construction Manager. He has also been named a finalist for the Greater Houston Builders Association’s Builder of the Year award for two years. Derrick also has a bachelor’s degree in Education, demonstrated daily by his motivational leadership style, and a minor in sports management.

When Derrick is not “building dreams” for people, he enjoys spending time with his wife of over 23 years, caring for two dogs, and raising goats for FFA with his two kids. If you ever want to spend some time in the great outdoors, reach out to Derrick, who loves to hunt, fish, and go camping.