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Renting vs. Buying a Home in 2023

The Residences at Rayzor Ranch Build To Rent Home located in Denton, Texas The Residences at Rayzor Ranch[/caption] Are high-interest rates giving you second thoughts about buying a home? Don’t let that hold you back from finding your perfect living space. Renting a professionally managed home explicitly built for renting is a great alternative option. These homes offer the privacy and quality of a traditional home without the commitment of ownership. Plus, with the added benefit of professional management, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that most maintenance or repair needs will be taken care of promptly. These homes that are built to rent are just like normal homes and do not sacrifice quality. They balance modern, high-end style with functional layouts and practical features with modern amenities like granite countertops and brushed nickel features. Some of these homes are in the most desirable locations for convenient living. This type of home has played a vital role in filling this housing gap, providing all people at different points in their lives with a reliable, available, and, most importantly, affordable place to live. The homes are modern and feature top-of-the-line appliances and concepts, 24-hour emergency maintenance service, lawn care, and so much more. There are no unseen elements, so your monthly expenses can be more predictable. Here are some key insights into why you should consider a home that was built to rent in 2023. There is no sugar-coating it. A recession is on the horizon, with layoffs already in motion and the economy slightly weakening. Homes that are built to rent are your solution in this time of uncertainty. Although there may be challenging times ahead, there is potential for interest rate increases to slow or at least plateau later this year. This is where you can see the beauty of a home that was built to rent. They provide a high-quality living option that apartments can’t offer, requiring less commitment than purchasing a home. Availability is also increasing as more and more communities come online, with companies like Wan Bridge leading the charge.

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Furthermore, 2022 was an exciting year for build-to-rent. For example, Wan Bridge, a Texas-based builder and operator of build-to-rent (BTR) communities, unveiled and opened a number of new communities, and the company plans on delivering 1,200 more homes in 2023 alone. Check them out if you haven’t had a chance to yet, so you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle! Georgetown Heights – Georgetown / Austin • The Residences at Rayzor Ranch – Denton • Pradera Oaks – Rosharon / Houston • Palm Bay Galveston – Galveston • Lakeside Conroe – Conroe If you haven’t considered or looked at a community with build-to-rent homes as your next living option, why wait?