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Cost of Living in League City, TX

cost of living in league city

Most people think of the Houston metropolitan area as a bustling city, but the region also has its fair share of peaceful suburban communities with plenty of small-town charm. One such community is League City, located in Galveston County and well-known for its many waterfront resorts. 

With a population that only recently passed the 100,000 mark, League City offers a quiet, family-focused setting that’s just minutes away from big-city fun. As a resident, you’re less than 25 miles from Houston and Galveston, so you’re never too far from some of the top highlights of Texas.

If you’re considering relocating to the area, we’ve created a guide that details the cost of living in League City to help you start planning now. We’ll look at how the city’s cost of living compares to the U.S. average, so you can better understand how far your budget will go. 

What is the average cost of living in League City, TX?

Is it expensive to live in League City? Well, you might think so, especially when you see its scenic location. But actually, the cost of living in League City is about 8 to 10% less than the U.S. average, meaning that basic expenses, such as housing, food, utilities, and transportation, are more affordable here than in many other cities. 

If you’re moving to League City from a major city, you might find that the costs are even lower than anticipated. For example, League City is more than 90% less expensive than San Francisco and New York – that’s a serious amount of money you’ll be saving. 

The cost of living takes several factors into account, including a city’s average cost for:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Goods and services
  • Taxes

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these to see where League City ranks.

Housing costs in League City

One of the biggest questions any prospective resident has is, “How much does a house cost in League City?” Of course, that will depend on whether you plan to buy or rent.

Buying a home in League City has a median cost of $304,000. Based on that data, League City housing is about 14% more expensive than the national average. Other sources place the median home price even higher, surpassing $330,000. Your perception of those prices will largely depend on where you’re coming from and what your housing budget is.

However, we can say with certainty that rent in League City is generally less expensive than the Houston average. For a one-bedroom apartment, you can expect to pay an average of $944, while a four-bedroom will be about $2058. These numbers are pretty close to the U.S. averages and sometimes slightly less than Houston as a whole.

What does that mean? In many cases, it may be more affordable to rent vs. buy in League City.

Food costs in League City

Groceries in League City are on par with U.S. averages, with many staples actually costing a little less here. Here are a few examples of average grocery prices:

  • A ½ gallon of milk: $1.42
  • A loaf of bread: $3.26
  • A hamburger: $4.31

Smart shoppers will find that they are easily able to keep their grocery bills in check. As a Texan, the odds are pretty good that you’ll want to be able to take advantage of the state’s fabulous foodie culture. So, it’s great news that dining out in League City (and Houston) serves up a broad range of options, from ultra-affordable food trucks to upscale restaurants.

Utility costs in League City

Saving money is always a plus, and you can look forward to low costs regarding League City utilities. You’ll pay about 8% less in this area than the U.S. average. The average energy bill is around $147, though you can cut costs if you aim for maximum energy efficiency. 

You’ll want to plan for higher electricity bills during the summertime since the warm weather will definitely make A/C a necessity. But for the most part, your winter bills will be drastically lower. Average high temperatures in League City during the winter are in the 60-degrees Fahrenheit range, so you won’t have much need for your heating system.

Transportation costs in League City

Transportation is also less expensive in League City, coming in at about 8% less than the Texas average. In addition to a personal vehicle, you can also use public transit (Island Transit, Connect Transit, and other options) to get around.

Healthcare costs in League City

In League City, healthcare is just a bit more expensive than it is in many smaller-sized communities. However, the quality of care is excellent. So, you can benefit from accessibility to a high standard of healthcare.

Goods and services costs in League City

Miscellaneous expenses, including fitness, pet care, and personal care, are about average in League City. So, depending on your budgetary needs, you can plan accordingly. 

Taxes in League City

In League City – and all of Texas – residents benefit from paying no state or local income tax. What does this mean for you? Your take-home pay will be slightly higher because you’ll only be responsible for federal income tax. 

Sales tax in League City totals 8.25%, which is in line with most other Texas cities. Of that, 6.25% is Texas state sales tax, and 2% is a local tax.

Another unique benefit of living in Texas is the ability to shop tax-free on a handful of no-tax holidays yearly. On designated weekends, shoppers pay no sales tax. For many, these holidays are an ideal time to make major purchases, such as a new vehicle, appliances, and the like.

How much do I need to earn to live in League City?

So, how much do you need to make to live in League City, TX? The living wage is calculated at $16.95 per hour or about $35,000 annually (pre-tax) for a single individual. For a family of four, with two working adults and two children, the annual income before taxes is around $75,000.

The typical annual salaries in League City, including those across various professions, show that enjoying a comfortable lifestyle is absolutely feasible here. There are more than a dozen employment sectors with annual incomes at or well above that $35,000 mark. 

Living in League City

League City offers a myriad of amenities and a wonderful lifestyle, all for an impressively affordable cost of living. As part of the Houston metropolitan area, this waterside community is just a stone’s throw from big-city entertainment, dining, shopping, and job opportunities – all while providing a quiet retreat for you to call home. 

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