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A Look at Living in Texas

A Look at Living in Texas

Are you ready for a new chapter in your life? Maybe you’re a native Texan looking for a change, or perhaps you’re considering a move to the Lone Star State and are curious about what to expect. Either way, Wan Bridge has got you covered. With an array of build-to-rent communities scattered throughout the state, there’s a perfect fit for every lifestyle.

Let’s start with the Greater Houston Area.

As the fourth-largest city in the United States, Houston is a melting pot of unique cultures and lifestyles. From the hustle and bustle of downtown to the peaceful suburbs of the countryside, the Houston area offers many choices to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re in the mood to explore Houston’s world-class museum district or relax on Galveston Island, this region provides the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Texas culture. With Wan Bridge’s headquarters in the heart of Houston’s Energy Corridor, the company has established over a dozen build-to-rent communities throughout the area, with more on the horizon.


In the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, you’ll find another rapidly growing region.

North Texas has seen much growth over the past few years. With Fort Worth and Dallas coming in as the third- and fifth-fastest-growing cities in the United States, it’s no surprise that more and more people are eyeing these communities as an ideal place to live and work. North Texas provides residents with all the amenities of a big city while offering the perks of suburban living. Wan Bridge recognizes the demand for innovative living solutions in high-demand markets. The company has more in the works with two communities already established in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


The Greater Austin Area continues to expand throughout central Texas.

This region has experienced explosive growth in both population and commercial operations, with Austin becoming a hub for live music, arts, and outdoor activities. In recent years, it’s also become a haven for tech companies and startups worldwide. Georgetown, a suburb of Austin, has also made a name for itself in the real estate industry, recently being named the fastest-growing city in the country. With Wan Bridge’s commitment to providing affordable housing options amidst the booming real estate market in the Greater Austin Area, the company is at the forefront of meeting the housing needs of current and future residents.


Whether you’re looking to live in the heart of a big city, the peaceful suburbs, or something in between, Wan Bridge has a build-to-rent community that will fit your lifestyle. Come explore what it’s like to live in one of the fastest-growing regions in the country with Wan Bridge as your guide.