Building the Future of Single-Family living

Leading developer, builder and operator of single-family communities in Texas

Wan Bridge (WB) is a Texas-based premier developer, builder and project manager for millennial communities. In 2013, Wan Bridge’s current affiliated company, Bridge Tower, began acquiring and renovating existing homes. Recognizing that the current supply of single families housing failed to suit the new lifestyle of millennials, Wan Bridge decided to build single family communities in Dallas and Houston in 2016. The partners at Wan Bridge hope to meet the increasing lifestyle demand of millennials and allow them to enjoy single family living.

Currently, Wan Bridge has more than $500 million assets under management and manages a total of more than 1,000 properties. The company has a total of about 1,300 houses under management with additional 250 homes expected to be finished in 2019. The company also has additional 1500+ units in its land bank. Wan Bridge has a year-over-year revenue growth of more than 100%.

Wan Bridge is fully integrated with a first-class team of experienced professionals. We are relentlessly focused on bottom up cost controls, standardized floor plans and construction schedule, while still maintaining our mission of being the premier provider in millennial single-family communities. The partners of Wan Bridge believe in the value of long-term partnerships, fiduciary responsibilities, and providing first-class service to millennial families. Click here to meet our team members.

What our residents are saying –

We really enjoy living in the house that Wan Bridge designs and builds. It’s functional and meets most needs of a small family like us. The quality of the house is exceptional. The location is also very convenient for me. It’s close to work, close to shopping center and we have some great schools nearby.

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